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Technical Experiences, Benefits and Challenges of a Real-time Drilling Fluids Monitoring System when Integrated into a Drilling Campaign

OMV Austria trialed a proof-of-concept pilot project with Intelligent Mud Solutions’ RheoSense unit, hereafter unit or Real Time (RT) fluid unit, to achieve consistent high-resolution real-time drilling fluids properties data to benefit well operations. The Operator used the RT fluid unit on an 8 well cluster infill development campaign in Austria through winter conditions. The drilling conditions

were not expected to be challenging, and therefore suitable for this project.

An objective of the Operator was to use an already proven RT drilling fluid monitoring system for an onshore operations environment; monitoring and comparing the data of the unit with the mud engineer’s manual drilling fluid density, rheology and gel strength measurements.

This would prove the integrity of the unit’s data when measured at ambient temperatures and converted to the API standard temperature of 50C.

Despite significant experience in running the Real Time Fluid units in an offshore environment, the different requirements related to mobility, robustness and use of remote operations in an onshore setting were key aspects of the trial. As well as experiencing challenges related to drilling operations during winter conditions in Austria.

The unit was installed and commissioned onsite by the unit provider. During this time crew training was completed and remote access protocols were established ensuring that the drilling campaign could be completed without the need for additional personnel on site. Moving the unit and periodic maintenance was completed by the local rig crew.

Throughout the operation the Real Time Fluid Unit was providing accurate mud rheology trends that could be related to the Fann35 measurements performed by the onsite drilling fluid engineers. Both Real Time Fluid Units operated without downtime throughout the drilling campaign measuring both Water Based and Oil Based Drilling Fluids. This poster details the Real Time Fluid Unit, the results of the trial, including the added value provided by the unit and the lessons learned for future onshore operations.

A description of the technical experiences, benefits and challenges of a real-time drilling fluids monitoring system when integrated into a drilling campaign.

The IMS presentation will include the Operator’s experience and will expand on the 55000 hours of service time the RheoSense measuring system has provided to drilling operations to date. It also address the durability of the system, installing the equipment, the maintenance and monitoring requirements and data integration for well characterization compared to conventional drilling fluids practices.

The two RT fluid units were used for 720 and 907 hours respectively during the 3 months drilling campaign. A short training session was given to the crew persons overseeing the unit onsite. Operating procedures with schematics were translated into German as this was the common language for the crews. The practical awareness training of aligning suction and internal unit valves - there is only a single piping system through the unit – was given. In addition, the crews were given instruction of the start/stop processes that are controlled from the HMI screen. All start/stop functions of the unit were performed by the rig crew. The only maintenance required was to retrieve and clean the strainer baskets periodically.

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