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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Challenge

Intelligent Mud Solutions arose from seeing an increased need for autonomous fluid analysis systems and fluid management systems.  By acknowledging that having the right information available at all stages of fluid management process will help to minimise non-productive time and reduce HSE incidents, both critical in improving cost-efficiency exploration and production.


We challenge the traditional thinking and encourage our clients to change towards a more autonomous fluid process.

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Our Story

Since inception in 2010, IMS has been working with automation of the analysis and measurement of fluid analysis. Our range of products are designed to automate the measurement and analysis of any fluid process. Through significant R&D in conjunction with our Partners, more and more automation is being introduced to the to the market.

IMS is majority owned by Jektevika AS, Equinor Technology Ventures & the NAVIC group and is based in Stavanger Norway. The original co-founders of the company are still dedicated to growing the company and are devoted to the growth and commercial success.

Our Team

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Our Sustainability Goals

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Our Locations

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