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Geothermal: Digging Beneath the Surface

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

According to Judy Feder Technology Editor at Society of Petroleum Engineers International, fluid analysis is a critical topic.

You can read the follow in the Journal of Petroleum Technology;

"Drilling optimization in geothermal applications requires integrating the drilling system, drilling fluids, and drill bits that incorporate advanced materials science. Cost-effective directional drilling systems, rotary steerable services, electromagnetic telemetry, and measurement-while-drilling services that perform reliably at elevated temperatures are critical".

Extending and transferring the high-temperature capabilities of existing E&P technologies could make geothermal energy development possible—and scalable—anywhere in the world.

One more reason why #RheoSense should be part of your fluid set up. Also, having real time quality control from an independent fluid analysis supplier, like Intelligent Mud Solutions AS, will be a critical factor for your success.

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