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Real Time Fluid Performance Is Integral To Reduce NPT

Non-productive time occurrences are more prevalent with well operations as integral drilling fluid characteristics are provided manually and intermittently.

Intelligent Mud Solutions has over 73200 hours to date with the RheoSense unit and remotely operating fluids measuring system. The system has proven to be dependable and durable in the field, providing an up-time exceeding 98.8% for 20300 hours of operating time over the last 12 month period.

The RheoSense system registers and provides true real-time shear stress and shear rate values with high resolution, converting that data to density, rheology and gel strengths in API format.

The raw shear stress & rate data is directly available for hydraulics, MPD operations and as drilling fluid Tau τ stress values to optimise fluid characteristics. Rheology values are measured continuously in real time at the ambient mud temperature. The rheology values are also converted to the API standard temperature on a continuous basis. The API values are constantly refreshed for ambient and API temperatures making the data valuable in curve format for fluids and wellbore analysis.

The IMS RheoSense facility can be used to identify returning spacers, new fluids, or slugs enabling them to be isolated at the earliest opportunity and thereby avoid unwanted mud contamination.

There are no straight line between 2 points in fluid analysis

Experience from the use of Intelligent Mud Solutions’ Rheosense system indicates that there can be a lot of variances in the properties of the mud being pumped down a well that are not accounted for when replying on the manual spot check values.

The case below compares the manually measured values with the RheoSense data points for the full rheology profile over a period of 60 hours. It is evident that the manual mud properties are fluctuating more significantly than previously accepted.

During this period the mud engineer performed 11 mud checks, while the RheoSense system measured the full rheology profile nearly 3000 times generating more than 62500 data points.

This high resolution data can be streamed simultaneously via eCloud to any client system for precision control.

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