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Our Vision

Intelligent Mud Solutions is an international supplier of fluid analysis technology. 

Offering unique autonomous solutions, enabling real time analytics and fluid management.



Our Statement

We are changing the world of fluid analysis and fluid management.​

Intelligent Mud Solutions have and will continue to develop technology that contributes to a more sustainable world. 

Our technologies simplify and fully automate any type of fluid management process. 

By doing so we support our client towards a sustainable cost reduction, safer and less operational emissions

All our products are supported from our facility in Stavanger Norway.

We are able to connect remotely with control systems on our products and carry out diagnostics. These diagnostics would provide a basis of what service of repair or in fact replacement would be necessary.

We also offer full support of the data from our products with respect to remote database management of historical archiving or retrieval.

IMS also, of course, offer full operational and basic maintenance training courses for our products, both at our facility in Stavanger and onsite according to our customer needs.

Experienced Leadership

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