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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Tool Kit


The RheoSense technology offers autonomous fluid analysis in real time. Our design makes it possible for optimal location placement and easy connection to the fluid process both in and out of the well. 

Typical installation: Supply Manifold, Mixing lines, Return tanks


RheoMax - Onsite Analysis Tools

The RheoMax technologies offers a wide range off addon instrumentation to increase the amount of autonomous fluid parameters for real time trending and analysis.  

Typical installation: At or nearby a RheoSense unit


RheoView - IOT Reporting Tools

RheoView real-time monitoring system helps engineers to evaluate and react to current events in the fluid process. Your organization can log and track real-time data to identify trends and better recognize abnormalities that fall outside set parameters of system and application behavior. 

Typical installation: Display panels, PC, Tablet, Phones


RheoReport - IOT Reporting Tools

RheoReport is fluid reports are created and automatically delivered to specific email addresses on a regular basis.
The reports contains fluid data with a 24 hrs. historical perspective synced to the assets NPT clock.

Typical installation: Online, email


RheoAdvise - AI Automation Tools

The RheoAdvise technology will gather the complete data stream from RheoSense and RheoMax. The data gathered is analyzed by a powerful AI which again generates advices, in real time, to the fluid specialist

Typical installation: Operations centers, PC, Tablet, Phone


RheoBrain - AI Automation Tools

The RheoBrain technology will gather the complete data stream form RheoSense, RheoMax and RheoAdvise. The complete data set is utilized to optimize fluid management ensuring optimized fluid parameters at any given time. 

Typical installation: Fluid management facilities

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Upgrade To Digital Fluid Services With Our Patented Sensor And Software Package.

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