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Agency Agreement approved by the Kingdom Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Intelligent Mud Solutions (IMS) and Gas & Oil Technologies, LLC (GOTECH) are pleased to announce that the agency agreement for RheoSense services has been approved by the Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA) Ministry of Commerce.


IMS is proud to be able to contribute to the portfolio of GOTECH and its position as a technology provider in KSA.

The IMS RheoSense unit by remotely measuring drilling fluid properties will valuably supplement the GOTECH services to support their clients to improved drilling efficiency and reduce emissions.

The generation of the true real-time RheoSense fluid property data and trends will enable proactive responses from the drilling team.

Intelligent Mud Solutions (IMS) is an international fluid analysis technology supplier. We offer unique, autonomous solutions, expertise, real time analytics, and management of the fluid characteristics. 

We are ready to change the world of fluid analysis and fluid management!

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