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Technology Center - The IMS Way

The IMS Technology Centre (ITC) might be Norway's most advanced and flexible test arena for fluid, analysis and technologies development. In our ITC we provide services in fluids, mixing and development programs.

Since operational startup in 2020 several off our clients, partners, subcontracts have tested their technologies at our ITC. It is important for IMS that private and state-owned companies trust IMS and how our we safeguard their proprietary technology.

The ongoing process related to the green transition, the majority of the knowledge and expertise within the petroleum industry must be utilized and/or transferred to environmentally conscious industries. The petroleum industry must be at the forefront of the technology development and integration. Experience and knowledge gained from the petroleum industry can play a vital role in the world's green transition.

Automated rheology measurement is important for drilling drill oil and gas wells, however it will be crucial for geothermal, lithium, food and medicine.

The IMS Technology Center consists of offices and a 500m2 development hall. We are a meeting place for anyone verifying technologies that they already have or is developing a new technology within fluid analysis and fluid management.

The technology center offers and opportunity for Universities and research institutes to meet with industry.

IMS will use the Technology Center to ensure that we meet our Sustainability Goal: PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS

UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 to be the focus areas for IMS within technology development. We shall seek regional, national and international cooperation in order to access science, technology and innovation.  

The research society on rheology in Norway is world leading, however many of the experts in the field in this country are approaching or are in retirement. This is creating an imbalance in available expertise, IMS however see the availability of our technology center as a counter weight to this trend. The ease of availability should offer more accessible opportunities for younger professionals to build up knowledge and maintain a healthy level of expertise.

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