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Middle East Here We Come - RheoSense Onshore Pick Up

As announced earlier Intelligent Mud Solutions (IMS) and our partner MI Gulf Services (MIGS) are proud that we have received a Letter Of Award form a major energy company in the Middle East.

Intelligent Mud Solutions arose from seeing an increased need for autonomous fluid analysis systems and fluid management systems. By acknowledging that having the right information available at all stages of fluid management process will help to minimise non-productive time and reduce HSE incidents, both critical in improving cost-efficiency exploration and production.

We challenge the traditional thinking and encourage our clients to change towards a more autonomous fluid process.

The container Certification, alignment, and approvals as standard is DNVGL-OS-E101, EU 97/23/EC (PED), CE, ATEX Zone 1. Other local certification and approvals to be agreed.

What makes RheoSense unique?

The RheoSense technology offers autonomous fluid analysis in real time. Our design makes it possible for optimal location placement and easy connection to the fluid process both in and out of the well.

Typical installation: Supply Manifold, Mixing lines, Return tanks

The RheoSense Onshore containerized unit is equipped with 2 RheoSense and can therefore measure the supply manifold and shaker pits simultaneously.

IMS set a new HSE standard, by doing so we support our clients to mitigate operational risk. How you say, well by giving the user the:

• Ability to analyze the fluid properties from a control room can reduce stress for the users.

• Autonomous analysis of fluid allow operators to perform several operations at the same time reduce the need for manual and hands-on operation.

• Reduced human exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals.

• Reduction of hazardous materials and chemicals.

• Autonomous analysis can result in a more efficient operation.

• Efficient operations can result in reduction of drilling time and therefore also reduced emissions.

Hey We Are Ready To Support You And Your Operations.

But Are You Ready to Mitigate Your Risk And Reduce Your Emissions?

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