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Equinor New World Record

Equinor using real-time autonomous fluid analysis system from Intelligent Mud Solutions in world record.

Intelligent Mud Solutions AS based in Stavanger, Norway is proud of their contribution to the success of the Equinor Troll Field record breaking well S-23. The well had a vertical depth of approximately 2000 meters and horizontal length of over 8000 meters totaling 10042 meters MD.

RheoSense - Onsite Analysis Tools offers autonomous fluid analysis in real time. Our design makes it possible for optimal location placement and easy connection to the fluid process both in and out of the well.

All our products are supported from our facility in Stavanger Norway. We are able to connect remotely with control systems on our products and carry out diagnostics. These diagnostics would provide a basis of what service of repair or in fact replacement would be necessary.

RheoSense real-time monitoring system helps engineers to evaluate and react to current events in the fluid process. Any organization can log and track real-time data to identify trends and better recognize abnormalities that fall outside set parameters of system and application behavior.

Troll is also one of the largest oil fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, and at peak production in 2002, oil production was more than 400,000 barrels per day. The Troll field lies in the northern part of the North Sea, around 65 kilometers west of Kollsnes, near Bergen.

The Transocean Endurance has drilled the world’s longest oil well from a floating rig, in the Troll field.

According to Equinor this is truly an art of engineering and pushing the limits for what is possible.

IMS are proud to be a contributor to this world record and we strive to be part of even more in the future. Supporting anyone at any time anywhere.

Check out our tool kit - We can support you drilling operations (on earth - for now)

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