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EGEC - The Voice Of Geothermal In Europe.

IMS Membership Granted - We Will Contribute To A More Sustainable World.

EGEC, the European Geothermal Energy Council, is a non-profit international organisation founded in 1998 to promote the European geothermal industry and enable its development both in Europe and worldwide, by shaping policy, improving business condition, and driving more research and development.

Geothermal energy is a clean and inexhaustible energy available 24 hours a day, every day, everywhere. The energy can be used for heating, cooling, hot water and electricity for countless uses.

It provides a renewable energy source for buildings, industrial processes and agriculture, supports local development and is at the heart of the first European clean value chain for batteries in electric vehicles.

Geothermal drilling covers a wide range of activity, from shallow (up to 200m deep), through to very deep (>6,000m currently).

The shallow wells use radiated heat from the sun, held in the formation, commonly referred to as ground source heat.

The deep wells use elevated temperatures that are the result of various geological activities that include volcanic/magmatic” systems, heating of igneous rocks from the Earth’s core and hydrothermal systems, where fluids are heated at depth.

Geothermal drilling fluids are a critical component to the overall success of a geothermal drilling program.

The main purpose of drilling fluids during geothermal drilling is to:

1. Maintain the stability of the wellbore and provide pressure,

2. Allow for cooling of the downhole environment and drilling tools,

3. Clean the borehole from cuttings.

One of the main concerns of geothermal drilling, especially in over-pressurized zones is exposing the drilling fluid to high-temperatures, especially during long periods of drilling stoppage, and simultaneously degrading its properties

IMS technologies simplify and fully automate any type of fluid management process, supporting all our client towards a sustainable cost reduction, safer and less operational emissions.

One off our products is the RheoSense that offers autonomous fluid analysis in real time. Our design makes it possible for optimal location placement and easy connection to the fluid process both in and out of the well. Typical installation: Supply Manifold, Mixing lines, Return tanks

All our products are supported from our facility in Stavanger Norway. We are able to connect remotely with control systems on our products and carry out diagnostics. These diagnostics would provide a basis of what service of repair or in fact replacement would be necessary.

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