Remove the need for the Drill-Site Mud lab through continuous online mud property analysis, toward fully automated Mud mixing





No more mud lab

Contribute to a safer and more cost effective Drilling Operation through continuous, online and automated MUD measurement and analysis.

We can provide automated mud analysis and management solutions which are an essential part in the industry completing the puzzle of fully automated drilling.

Intelligent Mud Solutions (IMS) is your technology partner for automated analysis and control of drilling fluid (MUD) properties.

Our Goal is to remove the need for the Drill-Site Mud lab and fully automate the Mud mix process control.

Our products bring improvements in reliability, HSEQ, and offer significant savings against traditional MUD automation solutions. RISK associated with drilling for oil and gas is reduced.

IMS is based in Stavanger, Norway but can supply our products wherever there is demand around the globe.

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What can we offer?

IMS provide a range of services and support so our products fully match the demands of our customers and ensure seamless installation and integration in our customers drilling facilities.

Our services


Installation study report of the optimal solution for installation of our Mud analysis products, Full installation work packs based on the installation study report, and more.

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All our products are supported from our facility in Stavanger Norway. We are able to connect remotely with control systems on our products and carry out diagnostics. These diagnostics would provide a basis of what service of repair or in fact replacement would be necessary.

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Research and Development

MS has actively researched improvements in the control of Mud measurement and mixing process control since their inception in 2010. Studies have established what and how the Mud process measurements are traditionally performed, how they could be improved and designed into a mobile skid based solution.

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