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Equinor Technology Ventures invests in Intelligent Mud Solutions

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Stavanger, Norway December 12, 2019.

Intelligent Mud Solutions (IMS) is pleased to announce that Equinor Technology Ventures have invested in IMS and are now one of the company’s main shareholders.

IMS has been a part of Equinor Technology Ventures’ LOOP program since 2015, and Equinor has been a key partner in developing the company’s RheoSense technology. RheoSense accurately measures drilling fluid properties continuously and in real time.

As a leading developer of autonomous drilling fluid analysis, Intelligent Mud Solutions has installed RheoSense units on more than 6 offshore drilling units and 1 offshore support vessel. Additionally, the company has executed numerous research and development activities, e.g. Demo 2000 projects. Intelligent Mud Solutions has successfully demonstrated that its innovative and patented technology effectively reduces cost and drilling time, which indirectly reduces consumption and emissions, while at the same time exceeding the offshore sector’s stringent performance, safety and operational requirements.

“Having Equinor Technology Ventures as a shareholder will help Intelligent Mud Solutions expand internationally while further enhancing our technological leadership within autonomous fluid analysis”, says IMS’s CEO Pål Erik Johannessen.

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