Since 2010, IMS has strived to modernise and automate the measurement of Mud properties with a goal to make the drilling rig Mud lab redundant and fully automate and control the mixing of drilling mud.

Though there have been significant inroads in the use of automation for the pipe handling side of drilling, the Company founders had seen limited development of the Mud process and measurement comparing new rigs with 20-30 years old rigs: Mud mixing and Mud property analysis is still a mainly manual operation.

IMS has developed automated Mud property measurement technology allowing real time Mud analysis data to be continuously updated and the data available on-line. This is a massive step forward. This is the first time there is ontinuously updated mud property data for the drilling operation team both offshore and onshore, and for input to the drilling machinery automation and control systems.

Ongoing research and development will further enhance the Mud property measurements and will help close the loop for full unmanned automated control of the Mud mixing.